Aqua Imperium MINI multi-functional machine

£2,500.00 (VAT inc.)

This is a mini version of Aqua Imperium multifunctional machine but still is a very efficient high-tech beauty equipment. It has eight function handles those include the aqua peel, oxygen gun, diamond mircodermabrasion, Bio, RF (tripolar & bipolar), bio photoelectric and others and is a powerful tool for skin improvement: resurfacing, brightening, tightening, deep cleanse and removal of blackhead.



Oxygen spray gun
Essence atomization, accelerated absorption, high penetration technology, promote nutrition absorption, firm skin, revitalize skin

Hydra Dermabrasion
Facial cleansing, deep-cleansing blackheads and acne, exfoliates and introduces essence layer

Bipolar RF
Eye lift, for sagging eyes, dropping eyes, crow’s feet, firms countours

Diamond Dermabrasion
Essence of keratin, promote blood, produce new collagen, restore skin elasticity

Bio handle
Facial sedation, mainly used for pore contraction after cleansing, to calm acne and relieve redness and swelling of hair follicles

Three polar rf
Lifts and tightens the face, removes wrinkles and skin, lightens dark circles, tightens the chin, restores skin elasticity and luster

Skin scrubber
Clean dead skin, blackheads, excess keratin, grease, nutrient introduction, lock nutrition

Bio photoelectric
Accelerate the healing ability of cell tissues, have obvious effects on acne, and fundamentally improve skin conditions


Working handles Hydra dermabrasion, BIO, RF, Skin scrubber, BIO Photoelectric
Screen 7 inch touch screen
Vacuum 90Kpa
Wavelenght 330nm – 990nm
RF 5 MHz
Skin scrubber 100 – 240VAC, 50/60Hz
Voltage & frequency AC220 – 240V; 50/60Hz
Package size 63cm*47cm*62cm

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