AQUA Imperium multi-functional machine


Aqua Imperium multi-functional machine is the latest high-tech beauty equipment for facial cleaning and skin rejuvenation. It has a perfect combination of aqua peel, oxygen injector, diamond & hydra mircodermabrasion, Bio, RF, and other techniques to offer a wide range of treatments for skin improvement: resurfacing, brightening, tightening, deep cleanse and removal of blackhead.


Hydra Dermabrasion
Deep cleansing vacuum adsorption, fundamentally clean without damaging the skin.

High jet peel
High-pressure air pump, deep penetration, makes nutrients more delicate and absorbs faster.

Diamond Dermabrasion
A powerful water absorbent grinding head purifies keratin, effectively blood flow to the skin and helping to produce collagen.

Oxygen injector
Throught the pressure of the gun, nutrients are injected into the bottom of the skin to activate the cells, which can be better absorbed.

Three polar rf
Radio frequency radio waves water enter deep into the skin and cause the skin heat up. Dermal collagen cellulose produces  a 45-60°C contraction principle that smoothes wrinkles and delays skin aging.

Microcurrent is a low level electricity, it is a non-surgical, non-invasive cosmetic technique that safely and effectively improves the health and appearance  of the skin.

Skin scrubber
High-frequency vibration removes dead skin and blackheads to clean the face and tighten the skin. Can be used with gels, water emulsions, solutions, etc.

Oxygen spray gun
Nanoparticles spray oxygen, directly penetrate the muscle bottom, 16 times the ordinary spray effect.

PDT emits light of a specific wavelength, reaching the subcutaneuos fat layer, stimulating capillary blood flow, and producing rich collagen and elastin. Remove wrinkles, increase skin elasticity and restore skin vitality.


TechnologyHydrodermabrasion/ Spray mistgun/ BIO/ RF/ Oxygen/ Jet peel/PDT
Screen10.2” Touch screen
RF1 Mhz
HandleHydrodermabrasion with 8 tips/Hydrodermabrasion with diamond tips
Oxygen jet peel 1piece; BIO 1 piece; Three polar RF 1 piece
Spray mistgun 1piece; Oxygen injector 1 piece
Skin scrubber 1 piece; Photon
Warranty1 years for main machine and 3 months for spare parts

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