DermalStyle® Smile Lidocaine


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Dermalstyle® Smile Lidocaine consists of non-animal sourced, cross-linked hyaluronic acid with a concentration of 23 mg/ml and Lidocaine (0,3%). There is a 1 x 1ml pre-filled syringe with 2 x 27G/12mm Terumo needles in a box. CE marked.

Dermalstyle® Smile Lidocaine is especially indicated for volume augmentation, modelling, contouring and correction of lip asymmetries. The added lidocaine allows a largely painless treatment of the sensitive lip area.



Concentration 23 mg/ml HA and 0.3% Lidocaine
Reticulating agent BDDE
Dynamic viscosity [mPa.s] ~ 550.000
Molecular weight ~2,7 mln Daltons
Other ingredients phosphate buffer, NaCl
Indications Lip contour and volume
Injection depth Deep dermis
Technique Serial puncture, linear, tenting technique
Duration 8 – 12 months