50 ml

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: • Polipeptide -11 • Preventelia • Idebenone • Vitamin E • Retinal • Acquaxil

This anti-photoageing and bio-regenerating cream is designed to treat the skin damaged by UV radiation. It implements 3 actions:

  1. Its innovative formula contains a growth factor combined with retinaldehyde and idebenone and a specific peptide that enhances bio-protection of cellular DNA, elastin and collagen.
  2. It promotes the regeneration of already damaged tissues of the dermis and epidermis.
  3. It promotes the protection and skin restoration during photoageing.

As a result, the skin becomes toned, supple, smooth and velvety with a uniform and bright colour.

Application: apply a considerable amount of the cream onto the face and neck; lightly massage it in until completely absorbed.