Mesoheal Mesotherapy Post-Treatment Mask


1 piece

Buy 10 for £5.00 each

This is an ultra-thin fabric tissue (made of bamboo fibre) mask based on β-GLUCAN and hyaluronic acid.

Polysaccharide β-GLUCAN enhances immunity and significantly increases the ability of the skin to resist both infections and stresses. In doing so this substance is completely safe and does not cause allergies.

The mask is specially designed to speed up the recovery period after various types of mesotherapy, biorevitalisation in particular after the use of Dermaroller, Dermapen and micro-needling devices as well as protect against possible inflammation. It can be applied even in those cases when the procedure of mesotherapy caused severe reddening, swelling or bruising.

This hypoallergenic mask is free of parabens, phthalates and sulfates.

How to use:

Take the mask out of the package (please note: it consists of two layers parts- lower and upper) and apply onto pre-cleansed and dried skin. Leave it on for 20-30mins. After the designated time, carefully remove the mask and spread the remainder of it over the face and neck with gentle massage movements.