Intensive professional regenerating treatment
3 treatments in a box

Active Ingredients:

REVINOL A- Peeling. Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, Vit.PP, Vit. E, Lipochroman-6.
REVINOL C- Mask. Retinol, Idebenone, Ascorbosilane, Lipomoist
REVINOL P-Serum. Retinol Palmitato, Vit. PP, Vit. E, Lipochroman-6.

RETINOL treatment is designed to stimulate the regeneration of the skin. It consists of three specific products: Revinol A-Peeling, Revinol C-Mask , Revinol P-Serum with high concentrations of active substances. The treatment simultaneously promotes cell renewal, exhibits deep moisturizing activity and increases natural antioxidant defence.