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Mesotherapy Training Seminar

By Eastern European Natinuel Specialist Dr Guido Cappare 'The importance of regenerative aesthetic for healthy & radiant skin.'

October 2 @ 10:00 am - October 3 @ 5:00 pm

Looking to enhance your career? You are in the right place!

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This event has has been developed by leading aesthetic Doctor Guido Caparre who has acquired years of experience with non-surgical aesthetic treatments. The seminar will include a number of demonstrations of injectable mesotherapy from trusted and internationally famous products Natinuel next generation, These demonstrations will include fat dissolving injections for double-chins, stomach and knees.

If you are interested in practical learning to ensure you gain the necessary skills to use new techniques with confidence for your own clients, you won’t want to miss this two-day seminar. We have a range of options depending on your experience and budget.

1st seminar day – £250 ( inc VAT)
2nd seminar day – £250 (inc VAT)
Both seminar days Saver Package – £450 (inc VAT)

Theory and Demonstration - 1st Seminar Day

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The comprehensive first day covers the below:

The difference between cosmetics and bioceutical

Natinuel world famous brand - the science behind it

The importance of correct aesthetic treatment of the epidermis

Review of the concept of peeling & exfoliation

New concept, the three different categories of peeling

Review of AHA/BHA acids

Chemical peel & massage combined technique

Chemical Peel Selection & Treatment Protocols

Correct use of derma pen in aesthetics

Treatment for hyperpigmented skin

Treatment for oily & acne-prone skin

How to plan a proper home therapy for you clients

Theory and Demonstartion - 2nd Seminar Day

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The comprehensive second day covers the below:

A deeper look at extrinsic ageing & morphological signs of age-related changes in human skin

A new perspective in aesthetics – Biostimulation & Bioregeneration

Aesthetic Sterile Meso Solution strategies to fight ageing

Extending the life of filler & botox

New perspectives extending the life of filler & botox

Dr Guido Caparre - Leading Mesotherapy expert in Eastern Europe and Russia

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As an established aesthetic regenerative specialist, Dr Guido Caparre has years of experience in the industry. He has dedicated his life to regenerative aesthetic medicine, in particular skin exfoliation and has developed a wide range of leading products to help the skin stay naturally beautiful.

We are honoured Dr Caparre will be hosting the UK Esthetics seminar during his limited time back in the UK, using the event to pass his exclusive knowledge on treating complicated clients’ skin conditions.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. Book your place today!

Certificate you will receive from Dr Guido Cappare

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All people who attend either both or just one of the seminar days will recieve this participation certificate from Natinuel next generation signed by our expert Dr Guido Cappare.

We wouldn’t want you to miss out on this opportunity

What Our Customers Say

From our last sold-out Seminar 

‘If anyone is wanting to book onto the UK Esthetics seminar. I cannot recommend it enough. The amount of knowledge I got from the last Jalevel  ‘The power of Mesotherapy’ seminar was enormous. Dr Tatyana Terzi was super impressive.’

Helena D, Aesthetician

‘Everything was just amazing. The whole seminar was set up at the highest standard. Will definitely attend again!’

Aiva I, Aesthetician

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Book Both Days for Exclusive Benefits

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Book both seminars and receive

– Free Parking, 10% discount on products purchased on the day
– Lunch is included on all seminar days
– Certificates of attendance are issued after the seminar

1st & 2nd seminar day fee £450 (VAT inc)


October 2 @ 10:00 am

October 3 @ 5:00 pm


UK Esthetics
Holiday Inn London-Bexley
Bexley, Dartford DA5 1ND
United Kingdom